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If you’ve read this post, you won’t be surprised that I write down every bit of feedback & praise. It’s helpful for me to chart my growth, and sometimes it’s easier for other people’s words to demonstrate your impact. All testimonials below date from the last year at Postlight; said during large meetings and presentations, written feedback, and even on the Postlight podcast.

“Jojo is a rockstar. You can tell she is a huge defender and advocate for the product and the team… Jojo’s exceptional leadership, communication & organizational skills have built Postlight’s reputation as a trustworthy & dependable partner”

— Gina TrapaniManaging Partner

“Jojo has such great knowledge of the whole stack, both from an engineering and design perspective, plus client relations we don’t even see. Jojo goes really deep and has a good sense of where each part of the product is impacted. I know I speak for the whole engineering team when I say that Jojo is great.”

— Jeremy MackDirector of Engineering

“Jojo puts the PRO in product management. Her communication, organization and mediation skills make Jojo the MVP of any engagement. Above all, I’m impressed with Jojo’s ability to maintain a convivial demeanor in the midst of high stress situations. Jojo is a calming presence in the midst of chaos.”

— Zach HarrisSenior Engineer

“The best product managers manage chaos very well. Chaos comes from a bug that was unexpected. But most of the time chaos comes from humans, whether it be in a meeting with stakeholders or with designers or engineers. And so Jojo has a wonderful ability to make you feel like there is less chaos than there actually is, which is a skill, and also bring order. And that’s a big deal.”

— Rich ZiadePresident

“Jojo is a SUPERHERO! I always know what I should be doing next and she’s always available to clarify requirements or talk through priorities. How she manages to maintain an ABSURD level of productivity while always being available at a moment’s notice can only be explained by something supernatural.”

— Zach PerraultLead Engineer

“As a communicator, Jojo is essentially fearless. Like she looks you in the eye. And she says, What do you mean by that? And it’s very non-confrontational, but also like, it’s kind of on you to get a little clarity into the room. And boy, is that a power tool? Because it’s not that it’s even disarming. It’s just sort of like, oh, okay, there’s not enough clarity, and it’s on me to provide it. And that’s a very fair thing to do. Right. But I think a lot of times when people are confused, or when there’s not clarity in the room, everybody just kind of keeps driving forward, because they don’t want to look like the person who doesn’t understand and what do you mean by that?”

— Paul FordCEO

“Consistently running smooth and happy teams, mentoring teammates, and helping teammates grow as well as looking out for people and their wellbeing. Great at reading the room, even when there is no room.”

— Peter CroceLead Product Manager

“I believe Jojo is part superhero. It is mind-blogging how many things she stays on top of and knows about the project. She keeps everything running smoothly for our team while deftly handling complex client relationships. Finally, she is an amazing partner and advocate for the design team making our work shine.”

— Kirsten SortonDirector of Design
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