Jojo Giltsoff

Hello, my name is Jojo Giltsoff.

I’m a Product Manager based in New York.

I value creativity, empathy, and respect above all else.

Using my natural curiosity, practical nature, and high emotional intelligence, I’m great at empathizing with users, motivating teams, and managing stakeholders. My biggest strength is my ability to bring teams together, and I believe in building the team is as important as the product.

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“Hands down the best PM I’ve ever worked with. I’ve done my best work under her product management.”

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I like jumping in deep pools, figuratively. I’m excited about making the unknown known and getting things done. I’ve worked with teams of all sizes to build impactful products, including:

Front-line communication tool for one of the largest transportation authorities in the world

Application for disseminating timely and critical information to blind and low-vision users

API for publishing content to thousands of ad screens

Global directory of creative companies, professionals, and jobs

Application for measuring light necessary for the exposure pinhole cameras

Content management system for static sites

Highly visual collaboration tool for bookmarking and creative projects

Oh, and I used to produce theatrical productions and tours throughout Europe

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I enjoy storytelling: in tickets, presentations, roadmaps, and sometimes I write about things I’m thinking about as a product manager.

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I’m excited to work on tools that solve real problems, support independent businesses, the arts, as well as building equitable institutions.

Away from my computer, I love to read, hang out with my dog Cooper, and embroider. I am also learning how to take care of all the plants I bought in 2020.

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